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Darius Lux: Legends Hall Of Fame Guest Appearance, Nov 2016

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"A Sedona Rock Star... shines in Minneapolis: 
We have heard from the wizards behind the Minneapolis music scene on the legends hall of fame show . And just as we all knew Darius packs talent........it was a command performance!"

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
~ Darius Lux strolled right in like he owned the place ~ Agent ~

~ Darius brought a very uplifting experience to us all, and made it obvious he is very gifted and gets right down to it. Rock Star material, we loved it ~ Event Promoters ~

~ We all enjoyed the experience having Darius as our very special guest vocalist. He nailed it ~ The Litter ~

*Great Vocalist and Performer* ~ Joey Mollands Bad Finger ~

"Full of life, love, and wonder, We The Living is a solid, soulful set."

Groove Loves Melody Review by JW Richard

If encouraging soulful pop/rock is what you need now, take a listen to Darius Lux's new set of songs called We The Living. Originally from London, now living in Los Angeles, Darius Lux's style could be compared to Jason Mraz, Adam Levine (Maroon 5), or Lenny Kravitz. Lyrically, he comes from a place of free thought and encouragement of the human spirit. Out of the gate, We The Living begins with "Waking Up", an ode to all that is positive and possible in your life. He follows with "I Can Be Anything" and "Everything Is Going My Way", further supporting the determination to be your best self. Making a little time for love, Lux offers the reggae-tinged "Kick It With You" and the sweet pop of "Heavenly". Lux also makes time for some straight-out grooving with "Music Follows Me". Then the track, "Brother John" comes as a haunting melody for socially distant childhood friend now mentally damaged by the effects of war. The album rounds out with two covers by fellow Englishmen Sting and Seal respectively, then a live version of "Xtraordinary" from his debut CD, Arise. Overall full of life, love, and wonder, We The Living is a solid, soulful set.

Darius Lux: Fun, Worldly, Smart and Did I mention Fun

American Veterans Radio with Steve O

I've been playing Darius Lux's music for about a year when I started my new show "Unplugged at Steve O's Place" I made the list of Interviews I wanted to do and Darius was up on top from the beginning. Honestly I had no information about him or any contacts, I was drawn to him by his song "Every Single Moment" The song brings me to that place of Love and having that someone special.....who I once had. Dang it Darius! But very few Artists have the knack to do this. Also the requests to play "Every Single Moment" were growing. So now I have this new show and I need to see if this already big Star will come down to Little Ole San Diego to perform Live on the Air Waves. Long Story Short I found him on Face Book and he was very open to it. Darius came in very Professional not only on time but early. He helped the engineer with a very personal Sound Check to his taste and Just Rocked my Show, and the Interview was like two old Friends talking to the Family (Listeners) around a campfire. Lots of Laughs and a couple of tears. Darius is a great Artist and just an Awesome Person and his Music and Lyrics are very Relevant....

"Darius Lux creates rock music with soul and mirrors living legends..."

Kenal's World Blog: Review, "We The Living"

There are rock musicians that have soul embedded in the very melodies they perform musically; there are rock musicians that touch one's very soul with the sound that they produce. Darius Lux is one of those many great musicians that I can only hope reach the peak of his musical life as an independent musician soon and much more exposure for his talent. I can only imagine that growing up in the United Kingdom that he listened to the renown British musician Seal along with Prince, Paul Simon and many legendary musicians.The talented Darius Lux has a slightly raspy, but soothing voice. His vocal performance in "When Nothing Is Real" won me over as a fan to his music. The lyrics, vocals and music arrangement is perfect in what the music charts are missing today. The musician Darius Lux creates rock music with soul and mirrors musician a living legend in music called Seal.

Darius Lux: House Of Blues, Hollywood- Live Review

Eat, Sleep, Breathe Music by Sheena

"I was fortunate enough to be invited to a show for Darius Lux at the House of Blues in West Hollywood last weekend. The experience reminded me of why I enjoy live music so much.
Darius Lux and his band, packed the Parish Room. If you’ve ever been there, you know that there isn’t a stage. The band pretty much just sets up in a corner, still the sound in the room in pretty awesome and for some reason being on the same level as the band makes you feel like you’re really a part of something and need to participate.
The whole set lasted more than an hour and I was surprised that the band didn’t lose their initial energy because I know I did. They maintained their vitality and showmanship throughout their set that covered some songs off of Darius’ new EP Time is Now, his old album Arise and some covers including Gnarles Barkley’s “Crazy.”
Darius Lux’s natural charisma was interesting to watch on stage and I would highly recommend catching him the next time he performs and while you’re at it, check out the EP!"

TIME IS NOW: "Inspirational but not Pollyanna, musically complex but approachable..."

SomethingElseReviews.com by Nic Deriso

"Inspirational but not Pollyanna, musically complex but approachable, Darius Lux's new EP Time is Now finds a way to encourage without stumbling into comfy bromides, to challenge without becoming radio-unfriendly.

"No Problem" opens the six-song cycle with a shambling roadhouse rhythm, as Lux growls his way through the verse — only to soar into the uppermost reaches of his vocal range as he enters the chorus, a thrilling ride. Singing a song about letting go ("the problem is there's no problem: I don't need no drama, mama"), Lux's voice brings in the gritty jam-band groove of John Popper from Blues Traveler and the peacenik optimism of Lenny Kravitz.

A similar musical complexity runs through "Way It Goes," which quickly shucks a lover-man croon for a nifty little rock hook, even as Lux deftly switches to a more rhythmic cadence. Cruising just behind a chicken shack-rattling bass thump, Lux again confronts life's larger questions — and comes to a similarly straight-forward set of conclusions: Bad things happen, and you must move on. "Best Day," bookended by a very angular cadence, flirts with a Led Zeppelin-esque musical ambition, with a broadly anthematic arc in between. This is music made to move clouds, to brighten spirits, to open hearts.

The roiling emotions of "What I Feel," then, come as no small surprise. Whereas much of Time is Now, to this point, has worked like a strong, warm breeze at the back of the listener, this track more directly addresses the deeper worries that creep into even the most upbeat person's thoughts. Working in a piano-driven context, Lux asks "does anybody care how I care? Does anybody dream what I dream?" Frank, and brutally honest, this is the other side — the needed side — to any story of persevering.

The title track returns, with a gruff force, to the musical snarl and attitude of the album's initial trio of songs, even adding a heart-splashing series of brass blasts. "World Keeps On Turnin,'" a track recorded in concert, then concludes things with a final assessment of the strange impermanence of this world — "the good and the bad, it comes and it goes" — and another admonition to make the most of things.

By and large, Lux does just that across this six-track EP — pushing himself musically and, in the end, acknowledging that for all of our best intentions, for all of our worthy dreams, bad turns happen. And that they'll, very unfortunately, happen again and again. Lux remains, in that final moment of applause, unbent. He keeps going, and we do, too."

"TIME IS NOW: In a word - brilliant"
Scudley Records, Recharged Radio by Peter Renzullo

"Darius truly has a an eclectic sound to his music, and his voice is such that he can take you from tragedy to triumph in a single phrase. Many artists strive to achieve an honest, sympathetic, ‘from the heart’ tone to their sound – when you listen to Darius you soon realize that he doesn’t have to strive very hard, if at all, to draw you in and take you to where he’s going. This is a rare gift, and one that Darius has learnt to embrace and deliver in such a beautiful way. I don’t like to ‘over-sell’ the artists who appear on my show, but I assure you that once you hear Darius Lux, you’ll know I haven’t even come close to expressing what he has to offer. In a word – brilliant."

NEW MUSIC PRESS: BMF - Bill's Music Forum

Darius Lux is a London born, New York City-based singer/songwriter pioneering "inspirational rock ’n’ soul". What does this mean? Try to imagine a blender full of Lenny Kravitz, Jamiroquai, Robbie Williams, and Maroon 5. The mix of styles he likes to stitch together in his music stem from extensive travels that took him through the Pacific, Asia, Europe and South America. "Arise" was actually recorded in a studio next to the rainforest, as Lux recounts, "[it was] incredible to record while the sun set across the volcano and birds chattered day and night". In describing his music, Lux summarizes his craft as possessing "the honesty of 60's songwriting, the vitality of 70's soul music, the infectiousness of pop music in the 80's and the rawness of 90's hip hop".
"Arise" is an impressive, genre-bending record that holds a little something for everyone. Exceptionally well-produced and free of wild bird chatter, nearly every track sounds ready for the radio. I gravitate more towards the melodic pop rock elements, so highlights for me included "Hey You!", "Every Single Moment", "The Great Unknown", and "You Take My Breath Away". These songs are uplifting indeed - great for thoughtful reflection and catchy enough to stick with you for days after hearing them.
Thematically, "Arise" describes how we can take control of our lives. Lux says, “For each one of us, life can be full of different fears, but we have to remember that fear is a choice. When we decide we don’t want fear and we have chosen to believe in ourselves instead, we find that we begin to receive the things in life we’ve hoped for". So check it out today - "Arise" won't let you down!


"Darius Lux has an incredibly captivating voice, and from his first syllable, the listener is caught. What makes his album Arise even better is the fact that he can span and mesh a number of genres in a way that seems natural. Rock, pop, and soul swirl in each track. The singer/songwriter creatively uses his music and lyrics to be uplifting with his songs, and it works quite well.
"Listen (You Already Know)" is probably my favorite tracks. His haunting and melodic voice flows smooth through the whole song, and he is reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz and Maroon 5
, but still maintains his own unique flavor.
It was refreshing to listen to an artist use his music for a message instead of just singing about nothing nowadays. Very good choice for summer time."

- Campus Correspondent Review By Marlon Bruner, Cerritos College

Darius Lux’s Arise is an album that one would expect a seasoned artist to release at the peak of their career. Arise, however, is Lux’s polished, self-produced debut. The album is striking, not only for its uplifting songwriting, but also because it displays his
multi-instrumental talents. One of the main themes throughout Arise is realizing how much power we all have to control our own lives, communicated by his truly sincere vocals. Some songs are bursting at the seams with stirring enthusiasm and earnestness, but the emotion is never forced or over the top.
Most of the tracks on the album are generously littered with hooks and are very radio-friendly. Two of the songs have already been utilized in films. "Every Single Moment" is the theme song for the upcoming indie movie “All Along” and "Human Race" was included in the soundtrack for “The Butterfly Effect 3.”
Every song on Arise has its own unique strength, whether it be beat boxing or a Led Zeppelin-esque guitar solo on "Natural Beauty." Also included as a hidden bonus track is "Thank You Mr. and Mrs. Freedom Fighter," which Lux wrote thanking those who fight for justice and freedom. Overall, Arise is an inspirational debut from a glowing and bright spirit, backed by a refined production and enriched with a lot of heart.

If you sometime wish pop artists with a jazzy blend (Jason Mraz, Maroon 5) had a bit more of a rocker edge, then you should check out Darius Lux. The singer/songwriter’s "Time Is Now" EP shows off a slew of versatility. Some songs, like “No Problem” are a little blues-ier, while “Best Day” busts out a feel-good anthem. On six songs I hear ounces of so many different artists, from the aforementioned Mraz, to Hootie and the Blowfish. (Why am I associating the only two people I “know” named Darius?!) My personal favorite off the EP, “World Keeps On Turning”, elicits a sense of nostalgia. His music sounds like a modern ode to classic 90s hits–something that is unique to find. It shows that regardless of who the biggest hit-maker is, good music lives on.

Listen to Darius Lux, when he sings - Posted on 06. Feb, 2011 by Henry-K in Blog Worthy

Darius Lux is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter with a direct musical link into the daily struggles of everyday people. Yes, even in glitzy L.A. the struggles of American life can be the same.
So you couldn’t get Jennifer Aniston to star in your movie, or you dared to live life on your own terms, regardless of status quo.
According to Lux there comes a time when we all “need to listen to our hearts and decide what is best for us.” His music goes beyond the influences of modern society that often tries to dictate everything, “how we should dress to what we should think.” In one of his popular songs “The Great Unknown” the musician talks about the disabling effects of fear.
The rocker says: “for each one of us, life can be full of different fears but we have to remember that fear is a choice. When we decide that we don’t want it and we have chosen to believe in ourselves instead, we find that we begin to receive the things in life we hoped for. “
At BNH we take a few notes from Darius Lux’s philosophy and the positive, inspiring music he creates as an artist.


Darius Lux: Arise - Music Review
By Michael Johnson

A lyrical voice that really draws you into the words and makes you invest emotion because you can tell that he believes 110% in his words.
 All of the musical styles make for a whole lot of awesome music that is very inspirational and spiritual without being religious. We need more music that is uplifting and Darius brings that out in spades.
A favorite of mine is “Xtraordinary”. I like this song because it says we should take the time to look around us — that we can see miracles in everyday things.
“Listen” and “Hey You” are standouts on the CD. The lyrics are strong, music is well done and his voice shines bright; these two songs could strike the right chord with a vast audience.
It’s a solid 9 and I recommend it to all. Especially parents as the CD is 100% clean.

Music Connection, Club Reviews (
02/2009) :: Key Club, West Hollywood

Darius Lux specializes in rockin pop/soul jams similar in style to Adam Levine. The songs embrace idealistic hope, displaying a sweetness that we can all appreciate. These musicians show they are capable of changing the pace with "Human Race".

"an excessively talented one-man band..."
Jon Sobel.com

Darius Lux [an excessively talented one-man band] weaves textured pop into R&B with strong tenor vocals and harmonies. It’s a winning musical recipe. “Xtraordinary”, “Every Single Moment”, and “Human Race” are radio-single worthy. Every song boasts skilled arrangements and hooks, from “World Keeps On Turnin” with its tasteful acoustic guitar intro to the forceful power of “The Great Unknown” to the spirited “Life Goes On”. The overall feel suggests Seal, or Marc Broussard, and it’s right up there in quality.

The Daily Vault www.dailyvault.com by JASON WARBURG

I’d call it inspirational rock’n’soul: airy, hooky, melodic serious-minded lyrics sung with conviction. A cup of Ben Harper, a dollop of Lenny Kravitz, a pint of Seal and you’ve got the secret sauce for this rich blend. Adding to the impressiveness of this debut is that Lux crafted these richly textured tracks almost completely solo, a true multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter-producer. Lux lists Hendrix and Led Zeppelin among his inspirations, and the rippling electric guitar solo that lights up the bridge of “Natural Beauty” is surely from these roots. “World Keeps On Turnin’” melds Stevie Wonder idealism with a Seal-ish sheen. “Reach For The Stars” is my favorite with its slinky, Prince-ly guitars and multi-layered vocals creating a potent vibe. “Hey You!” is another standout track, a rousing call to action with excellent sing-along potential. I can report without reservation that Darius Lux crafts an appealing sound and pours genuine emotion into these tunes. Definitely worth checking out.

Soulful Edge www.indiemusicstop.com by Senior Writer C.W. Ross

Darius describes his music as, 'soulful rock-edged pop.' That sound is achieved by mixing 60's songwriting, 70's soul, 80's pop, and 90's hip-hop music styles together.
Darius pulls on a wide range of influences to achieve this unique mix of styles. He lists everyone from Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Bob Marley and Coldplay to John Mayer, Kayne West, Led Zeppelin, and Public Enemy as his musical influences. There is a real soulful rhythm that runs throughout the release. The lyrics are also upbeat and supportive. One of the main themes is to realize the power we all have to control our own life. Along with the need to sometimes just slow down and take a break and really enjoy all of the wonders of this world.
While you'll find 10 listed tracks on Arise , there is also one hidden track that I couldn't find the title of that is a tribute to all of those who have gone before paving the way for what we all have today. A tribute to, 'Mr. and Mrs. Freedom Fighter.'
One of the songs found on this release, "Every Single Moment" has been selected as the theme song for the upcoming Indie movie, "All Along". Darius Lux mentions in his press material that his music's mission is, 'to bring good vibrations, consciousness and some noise.' I think that he's accomplishes that goal with Arise.

Featured Artist/MAY 07 www.Epitunes.com

"Darius Lux calls his music soulful, thoughtful, rockin, urban pop and that is an apt description of his musical style. Darius grew up bouncing between London and New York and that mix of cultures clearly influences how he approaches songwriting. His music is a melting pot of styles, 70s soul, 80s EuroPop, and 90s hip-hop with strong roots in traditional siner/songwriter fundamentals. Contemporary influences include Maroon 5, John Mayer and Spearhead but elements of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and even James Brown can also be heard in Lux's music. You can hear his song 'XtraOrdinary" on this week's epiTUNES Los Angeles Live Music Guide and catch him performing tonight with his band at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood."

"Exciting and Fresh" WLSO.FM

"Darius Lux is creating music that is exciting and fresh, no three chord progression here. The real deal on a par with classic rock artists yet fresh for today's discerning ears."
-Uncleshag, WLSO.fm

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